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No matter what your current level of English, WSE can meet your needs for an individualized English training courses and provide you with personalized study plans and courses to meet your requirements.
  • 2 levels of Introduction to English (optional)
  • 17 levels of general English language study, including English Flex and Premier English
  • 3 levels of new PRO courses
Survival (3 Levels)
  • Can learn basic words
  • Can use typical expressions
  • Can read simple menus
  • Can understand simple timetables
Waystage (4 Levels)
  • Can cope in everyday situations
  • Can introduce yourself
  • Can ask for directions
  • Can take simple messages
Upper Waystage (4 Levels)
  • Can ask what is required
  • Can freely exchange information
  • Can describe work related responsibilities
  • Can write short reports
Threshold (4 Levels)
  • Can converse with a high degree of fluency
  • Can understand news report
  • Can give simple presentations
  • Can read technical reports as well as novels
Milestone (3 Levels)
  • Can use English fluently
  • Can function in typical business situations such as
  • Can use more slang and nuances of English
  • Can independently engage in topics of debate
Mastery (2 Levels)
  • Can master the use of complex expressions
  • Can comprehend difficult reading assignments
  • Can write in different styles
  • Can use advanced language and terminology in written
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