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Zhang Han Attended Beijing Fans Meeting For Wall Street English Short Movie “Yu Guo Tian Qing”

What is the worst nightmare for someone who is getting his feet wet in society for the very first time? Maybe it is the fact that no matter how hard he tries, he can never satisfy his boss. Wait a minute, what if this demanding boss is a competent and clever beauty? What if someone is secretly in love with that rookie and offers him generous help?

Mark, played by Mr. Zhang Han, a famous star in China, experienced these twists and turns when he first started his career. In the recent hit short film ‘Yu Guo Tian Qing’, Mark suffered many hardships at the hands of three different white-collar beautiful young women in an international company. Eventually, he gained a lot in both his career and love life by working hard at practicing his English. A party for Han Zhang’s fans was held on 9th Mar in Prosper Center at 5, Guanghua Lu. More than 500 fans attended the event, sharing their ideas on ‘embracing the world with English and changing the world’.

Join the star —Zhang Han

At the beginning of the party, fans again enjoyed the complete series of ‘Yu Guo Tian Qing’ watching the mystery of Rose unfold, they then gave Zhang Han a warm welcome. When asked how he managed to speak fluent English and solve various problems in his professional life, Zhang Han said that he felt a lot of pressure at the beginning when they started filming since he had no experience in creating a character in English. ‘I couldn’t help but wonder if I am capable of this. Just like Mark, I felt it was beyond me. But I did understand it was also a great chance for me to stop and simply enrich myself as a basic human being. Learning English is not easy, and it takes perseverance and effort. Changing your future is not an easy job.’ To interpret Mark’s growth, Zhang Han was praised for his painstaking efforts in learning English from his foreign teacher at Wall Street English. Zhang Han said this English-speaking role gave him confidence and hope to take part in international films to further expand his career.

Embracing the world, changing the future

It is reported that nearly 500 million people speak English as a global language in their daily communication. As China integrates into the global community, English is not only needed at work, but there is also an increasingly strong demand for the younger generation in terms of social events, entertainments, culture, and other aspects. The world opens up to them when they take a chance to experience the colourfulness of cross-cultural communication. English has imperceptibly infiltrated people’s lives. The introduction of English movies like Around the World in 80 Days are a good example of how English is broadening horizons for the younger generation and keeping them in pace with the rest of the world.

"English is a golden key for you to open the door to success in the future." Wall Street English Communication and Global Marketing Vice President, Kim Berger said at the party. "There are many young people like Zhang Han in Wall Street English. They enjoy their modern way of life and entertainment, especially the application of Internet technology, which completely breaks the traditional geographical and time barriers. Learning English, communicating freely, chasing the latest trends in the world, and discussing hot topics on the Internet to express opinions on major international events are becoming the demands of China’s younger generation.”

In fact, Wall Street English has been paying attention to the development of Internet technology which is changing the way people live and creating an increasingly strong demand for digital learning by the younger generation. In recent years, Wall Street English has been constantly using innovative ideas to build Internet learning tools which are full of fun and surprises. Now, in addition to going to the learning center to study with foreign teachers in person, students can also learn from online courses. They can discuss interesting topics with peers globally on the Wall Street online channel. No matter if the topic is reading, movies, music, or travelling; using English to communicate, Wall Street English students are always one step ahead in getting the latest world news and enjoying a fashionable lifestyle.

Lingering enthusiasm

When Wang Qian, Wall Street English China Marketing Director awarded seven young promising students from Wall Street English with "The Best Future Shaper" award, the meeting reached its climax. To his surprise, Zhang Han was also awarded for his outstanding performance in English in the micro movie.

"This is just a start." Zhang Han humbly said, "I hope you work on this with me to open the door to a wonderful future."

"Yu Guo Tian Qin" is the first time that Wall Street English has invited a domestic TV star to do a movie promotion. Zhang Han is a rising star and a youth idol who has a strong impact on the younger generation. Like Zhang Han, many domestic movie stars choose to study at Wall Street English. Their excellent English skills have paved the way for them to step onto the world stage rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars.

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